Hi there, welcome to my portfolio page! I’m Dorin, frontend developer at ⚽ 🏈 Pulselive 🎾 🏏 . I craft interactive, fluid and responsive projects for the best UX possible. When I’m not coding I’m usually climbing, reading, playing chess or wandering around London (I also try to play the drums); say hi if you share any of my passions: I’m a friendly guy.

Open Source

Open source is at the very core of a vital web. Thanks to open source, great code is made available to the entire world. Users greatly benefit from it; developers can learn and build meaningful relationships that last. Contributing to open source made me a better developer and human being. So far the most important one, to me, has been Widely known as one of the best resources for studying JavaScript, it has helped me immensely and it keeps doing so. It has been a pleasure to contribute to the italian translation.